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Courtney knows where it's at

1) What's the best live concert you have attended?
King Crimson July 8, 2003

2) Which band/artist have you seen the most times live?
Probably The Dillinger Escape Plan

3) What's your favorite Madonna song (and I don't want a lame answer like "I don't really like Madonna" -- everyone has to like at least
Erotic, I guess?

4) If you could learn any musical instrument and be a pro at it overnight, which one would you choose?
Oboe or Bassoon

5) Which decade (including our current decade) has the best music?
I guess the 90's

6) Have you ever met any famous musicians? If so, who?
um...all of Incubus (before they went all pussy), All of the Deftones, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cave In, Converge, Mike Patton, Trever Dunn, John Stainer, Buzz Osborne, Dwane Dennison, Blink 182 (when they were like 16), Fishbone, a bunch of other bands that I can't remember...

7)What is the first song that comes to mind when you think about the following periods in your life: Age 13, 16, 19, 21, 24? What I mean by this question is to pick a song that best symbolizes you or your life at that age. Don't think hard about it -- the idea is to give the first song that pops in your head for whatever reason.

13) Dead and Bloated - STP
16) Nosebleed - Deftones
19) Inverse Midas - Mansun
21) Space Dementia - Muse
24) Big Riff - Cave In

8) What is the best soundtrack of all time?
Kill Bill vol 1 maybe? I don't buy too many soundtracks

9) What is one song that you love that many people might be surprised to know?
Urgent - Foreigner I don't know what people think of my music taste

10) What's your favorite song that only has numbers in the title? (i.e. if there was a song called "101" or "One hundred and one," this would be valid. Also, I'll allow the word "the" and any words that indicate durations, such as minutes, hours, days, months, years, etc.).
One - Metallica

11) What do you think is the most overused or annoying word that too many people include in their songs?

12) What's your favorite Christmas song (traditional or contemporary)?
Baby it's cold outside

13) Personal experiences aside, on an objective level (keep in mind that answering this question will automatically turn it into a subjective one, so even though I say "personal experiences aside," I know what your answer means -- hehe I'm tricky), what is the best song to have playing in the background while you are making out...or dare I say...having sex? I'll allow you to skip this question for any of the following three reasons only: 1) you don't make out, 2) you don't have sex, or 3) you have never had any kind of music playing in the background while engaging in either of these activities...EVER.

I rocked it hardcore back in 95 to Siamese Dream and that was AWESOME
I would say any Brian Eno if you want it calm
Any ISIS or Pelican if you want it a bit crazier

14) If you had your own band, what would you name it?

15) Singer that you really like and that many people might not have ever heard of, and give a link (if available) to their website.
Jay Jay Johanson
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