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Tag Heurer

The Game: Once tagged, you must write 6 weird things/habits about yourself, & then tag 6 more people. Those 6 people must write about 6 weird things/habits in a blog about themselves, and tag 6 more people. Tell the people they have been tagged. So on......

1) I hate groups of new people (ie people I don't know.)
2) I chew things like m&ms and goldfish in two one on each side of my mouth
3) I have the sex drive of a 15 yr old boy.
4) My favorite type of meat is horse. ESPECIALLY Horse Tartare
5) Sometimes I get on the scale before and after I go to the bathroom to see how much weight I've lost.
6) I would shave my goatee if I knew I'd have a chin.

i tag -
Chelsea, Melissa, Sara, Xris (yes Xris Incubus you dosspot), Lauren and Memi
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